5 Ways to Stream Android Games

Last updated: Sep 8, 2022

Streaming games have been very popular among the PC or console gaming community but in recent years mobile gaming has seen a tremendous increase in popularity, especially after the games like PUBG, Call of duty, and Fortnite.

Streaming from computers and gaming consoles like Xbox or Sony’s PlayStation will ensure high image quality during broadcasts, but this shouldn’t stop you from streaming games on Android.

Streaming enables us to share live gameplay videos on a different platform directly from your Android device.

It is a great way to pass your time when you are bored and a fun activity for all game enthusiasts. It also allows you to engage with other streamers and have a fun time chatting and engaging in a streaming community.

Which is exactly what makes it more fun. Some streaming services work exceptionally whereas others require you to use a capture card to use it.

5 Ways to Stream Android Games

How do we stream Android games? If you’re trying to find out how to stream Android games, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s article, we’re going to look at a few different ways to stream Android games.


Ways to Stream Android Games

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Probably the easiest way to stream mobile games is by using the Twitch app. this App is available on Google Play, so you can use it on Android-based operating systems. You can download it for free from the app store and start your live stream in just a few simple steps.

  • First, we have to log in, you’ll arrive at the app’s main window and there you will see the Stream icon in the upper right corner of the window. We then click on it and wait for a dialog box to appear on the screen.
  • A prompt will pop up and notify you that everything displayed on the screen will be recorded if you tap on the Start now option.
  • Once the stream is active and the app starts capturing the device’s screen, you can tap on the three-dot icon and select the Edit stream info option where you can choose a name for your stream and can also describe what will you do in that stream.
  • The easiest way to stream mobile games.

  • Easy and free to download.

  • Easy to set it up.

  • At times causes stream delay.

  • The delay makes it frustrating to engage in the chats.

  • It is reliable but should not be your last stop for streaming games on Android.

YouTube Gaming

Ways to Stream Android Games

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In recent years, YouTube has evolved from being an entertainment platform to becoming a money-making machine for content creators. This has become particularly beneficial for gamers as well.

Games can now play their favorite video games and gain plenty of viewers, and can also connect with other gamers. The gaming community on YouTube has become so massive with millions of viewership and likes.

As a result, it has created a dedicated category by the name of “YouTube Gaming” where people can create gaming channels and stream their content.

It is Google’s official games streaming option. It allows you to stream all the popular Android games as well. It is the most reliable option to stream Android games. And it can come in really handy. It is not the best but it is a good start for beginners.

  • Reliable choice.

  • A very vast gaming community.

  • Google’s official game streaming option.

  • The streaming experience is not the best.

  • The audio quality is also not very top-notch.



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Kamcord allows us to stream without the need for wires or special equipment. Kamcord is a startup in San Francisco and was one of the initial services to do gameplay streaming. They have been a few steps forward for Mobcrush in launching it for Android.

Kamcord gives you a streaming key, so you can stream from a capture card and software like OBS or XSplit, or even by utilizing a mirroring server on your PC. It is as best as Twitch in attracting the gaming audience but still, it does the job and would be okay for certain audiences. It is more about the audience’s choice about what they would prefer the most.

  • One of the first to launch the gaming stream.

  • Gives you a streaming key.

  • Periscope-Esque hearts.

  • Not as best as Twitch.

  • Does not attract many audiences.



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Mobcrush is exclusive to mobile device streaming as the name suggests. And it is also very great at its work. Offers a great user interface and features. It has a vast audience of game streamers who enjoys streaming Android games.

So it has a very busy platform for gamers. And despite the crowd, its service does not lag and its performance does not compromise. Despite these amazing features it still has some areas which require growth.

And hopefully within the span of some time mob crush will become the best Android game streaming option.

  • Great platform with lots of gamers.

  • Does not lag.

  • Best for mobile streaming.

  • Still have some areas for growth.



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Previously known as hitbox. They are not specifically for mobile streamers but if you have a capture card available then this could be the best choice for you. But it might result in a delay time. It is a great option for chatting and engaging with other mobile streamers.

If you are very keen on the overall performance of a mobile streaming option then smash cast is something you should definitely check out.

  • Best for real-time chatting.

  • Best in terms of overall performance.

  • Not really known for mobile streaming.


These are all the best ways to stream Android games. Some of them are the best in terms of performance. While the other is reliable enough for beginners.

Go through each of these options and judge them based on their features and see which fits you best.

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